Weekly Meal Plans


 Fresh, healthy, convenient meals every week! 

These are auto-billing / auto-order plans. Once you purchase, we will prepare the designated items for you each week. No need to reorder!

Each week's selections will come from our weekly menu; please let us know if you have specific restrictions or requests.

Of course, you can cancel or suspend the service as you choose.

Start a meal plan by Friday at 7pm and choose your pickup option (specify at checkout): 
  1. Our store - Sun 3pm-7pm, Mon 10am-7pm 
  2. Plano - at Overture Plano - Sunday 5pm-7pm, 500 Coit Road 
  3. Oak Cliff - at Local Press+Brew - Monday 4:30pm-7pm, 1605 N Beckley Ave 

Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner (for 5 or 7 days)


10 FULL MEALS plus
Regular Size: $115/week
Large Size: $155/week


14 FULL MEALS plus
Regular Size: $157/week
Large Size: $209/week


Full Meals (Entrees w/ Sides)


5 Full Meals

Regular Size: $48/week
Large Size: $62/week 


7 Full Meals

Regular Size: $65/week
Large Size: $86/week


Each meal consists of one of the following combinations:
1. Entrée with side vegetable or side salad
2. Soup with side salad, raw veggies, or fruit
3. Sandwich/wrap with raw veggies or fruit
4. Ready to Eat meal

Main Menu Items (Entrees Only)



Regular Size: $35/week
Large Size: $49/week



Regular Size: $48/week
Large Size: $67/week


You'll receive the following each week:
at least 2 items from the Main Dish section of our menu
at least 1 Soup/Stew
at least 1 Sandwich, Wrap or Meal-sized Salad
1-3 additional items from the above list

Breakfast Plans


Regular Size: $25/week
Large Size: $37.50/week

Example Breakfasts:
1. Oatmeal (various flavors with nuts and fruit) or Raspberry Breakfast Pudding
2. Breakfast Tacos
3. Chickpea Scramble Plate or Hearty Breakfast Plate


Snack Plates


 5 SNACK PLATES - $21/week

Larger snacks or mini meals... healthy, delicious, portable options.

Varieties include our Trail Mix Snack Plate, Eggless Salad Snack Plate, Hummus & Veggies, Hummus & Crackers, Cranberry Chickpea Salad Snack Plate, and PB & Apples


Add Snacks To Any Plan


 5 SNACKS - $12.50/week
10 SNACKS - $24.50/week 

Each snack consists of one of the following:
1. Two Trail Mix Cookies
2. One Snack Bar (various flavors)
3. Raw Almonds, Maple Cinnamon Pecans, or Spicy Pecans
4. Fresh Fruit


Meal Plan Delivery via Postmates






Generally available within the city of Dallas. Weekly rate will depend on location.  If you'd like this option, sign up for the $5/week and we'll confirm that you're in the delivery area and let you know the fee going forward.  You can then decide whether to continue with delivery.  (We'll only charge $5 for the first delivery either way.)